Coach Q is back. And more importantly, he approves where Club M's going.

February 16, 2017



À l'approche des try outs, nous présentons une série d'entretiens avec les entraineurs du club. C'est une excellente façon de te familiariser avec notre structure et surtout, les personnes extraordinaires qui y oeuvrent!

Hey KQ! First and foremost, welcome back in Club M for your second season! Beside a rocky off-season with a shoulder surgery and some back-and-forth between Montreal and Rochester, you seem all set to be successful in both being the new Royal captain as well as assuming the lead-role for Magma, the anti-chambre of our prime team, le Manic.



Le Club -

An easy one to start off… for those who lived under a rock for the past year, can you briefly go over your sport’s curriculum… as an athlete and as a coach.


Coach Quinlan -

Been playing ultimate for a while! Played since high school (started in 2008). I played college ball at SUNY Fredonia (a small D3 school). Some of my accolades were 2012 D3 Metro East Freshman of the Year, 1st Team All Region D3 Metro East 2012'13'14'15, and Metro East D3 Player of the Year 2015. 


I have played Club for all of the Rochester based teams since 2011. 


Played in the AUDL since it started..  Some accolades are Rochester's' franchise assist leader, 2nd Team All-AUDL 2016 and hold a couple AUDL records (most scores and best plus/minus for a single game)


Coached Phisto, Fredonia and Fairport. Also served as a captain on almost every team I have been on.




Le Club -

Now, last year, you where also coaching the 2nd team of the Club M. This team was then named Mephisto. How was the experience in general?


Coach Quinlan -

I loved it!! Was a little nervous in the beginning with the language barrier but everyone was great with it. Also, I came to realize that ultimate has a language of its own that is the easiest to communicate in. Was really proud of how we grew as a team and how everyone found their role. Would love to continue the success of last year!!




Le Club -

As said earlier, due to some changes inside the Club, we redefined what we want as a 2nd team in our club, mainly by improving the commitment of the players and rejuvenating the team in general. Within the changes, what are your expectations for Magma this year?


Coach Quinlan -

My expectations, really with any team, are to be better individually and as a team by the end of the season. There is a lot to learn in this game. Whether it be a physical or mental attribute. By the end of the season if each player can look back and say, "I understood what was expected out of me and I performed to the best of my ability", then I am a happy coach. That goes for me too! I love learning from new players and new teams!




Le Club -

As it was the case last season, summer 2017 is expected to be quite loaded for you, playing for Royal and coaching with us. Assuming you might miss few days of tournament or practice, is there something in place to make sure the team is under good hand?


Coach Quinlan -

We have some exciting help coming in this year!! Someone I respect a whole lot and will help grow this team when I can't be there. Great guy, and great ultimate player! 




Le Club -

At last… what are the kind of player you wish to select off our tryouts at the end of the month?


Coach Quinlan -

Ultimate is a pretty organic game. Something I always talk about with my teammates/players is self empowerment. The idea of making decisions for yourself. There is no concrete answer for any given situation in ultimate. There are guidelines and strategies.


At the end of the day I want confident, hardworking and decisive players that understand the whole is greater than the sum of its parts!

Inspirant n'est-ce-pas? Ne tarde pas, va t'inscrire maintenant aux tryouts du 26 février et du 4 mars!



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